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Welcome to the DCRA Citizen Access Portal

Navigating DCRA’s permitting process just got a whole lot easier.


Now, you can use the DCRA Permit Wizard for all new residential building permit applications.

In the future, we will improve the robust functionality of the Permit Wizard, adding Permit Extensions, and After-Hours permits. For now, these will continue to be handled here, through the DCRA Citizen Access Portal, along with Commercial permit applications.

Using the Citizen Access Portal, you can:

  • File commercial construction permit applications
  • Get a Supplemental Building Permit
  • Get a Postcard Permit
  • Request a building plat
  • Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Apply for a Vacant Property Exemption
  • Apply for a Zoning Compliance Letter
  • Apply for a Home Occupation Permit



Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

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